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Penny Lane Live Beatle Concert Equipment 

    Every "Penny Lane" performance involves the use of state-of-the-art sound equipment. We deal exclusively with the most respected names in the business. Names like Crown, Renkus-Heinz, Neumann, Drawmer 1960, Soundcraft, Yahama, Vox ToneLab, JBL, QSC, Digitech, DBX , Behringer and many others. Our sound system consist of the very best components technology has to offer and sound wise, second to none.

    Our road crew is hand picked and chosen for their experience, knowledge and pain-staking attention to detail. These members are some of the best in the business and known as the "silent Beatles" in the band. Set up and "tweaking" is completed hours before a performance and every effort is made to make every show "top notch." Each and every venue is different and a "game-plan" is mapped-out and designed  for that particular area to achieve the best sound and lighting possible. When it's time for the boys to take the stage you can be certain that the sound and presentation will be A+.

   Each "Penny Lane" performance includes all vintage Vox amplifiers, accurate Beatle guitars, drums and costumes.

    Every effort is made to reproduce the original "Beatle sound" using authentic and state of the art equipment. In some cases we've gone all the way to London England just to get a particular vintage Vox amplifier that wasn't available here.  

     We have several different PA and lighting applications we use that vary from 100 customers to 3000 seat arenas to suit the various needs of our clients and fans. 

    For a full sound reinforcement and/or a lighting list please send a request to  (504) 710-5676