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    The date is February 9th, 1964. Something is about to happen that has never occurred in the history of American Television. At 7 P.M., seventy three million television viewers tuned in to "The Ed Sullivan Show" to see four lads from Liverpool change the course of music as we know it.

    We will take you back to that unforgettable night and recreate the music and the magic. We will start at the beginning at "The Starr Club" in Hamburg and the "Lunch Sets" The Beatles performed at "The Cavern Club."  You will travel with us to "The Ed Sullivan Show" through the "Shea Stadium Concert" all the way up to the Let It Be album.

    Penny Lane was established in 1980 and has been THE premier Beatles experience in the New Orleans area and now rated the best live Beatles Tribute show anywhere. Ever evolving, Penny Lane has the  look and feel that will help you experience a authentic live Beatles concert and a sound  that is second to none.

    Penny Lane uses the same vintage guitars and Vox amplifiers that The Beatles used to create the sound that started "Beatlemania". From their original costumes to their on-stage humor, Penny Lane reproduces the atmosphere of an authentic Beatles concert. So get ready to take a Magical Mystery Tour.    

        Craig                        David                Donnie                          Gary


      John           George          Paul         Ringo

Al Cahall


George Martin



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