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Penny Lane Vox



     Don uses a Vox 1965 AC50 bass head that we had completely rebuilt at Plexi's Palace in California. It has a chrome chassis and JJ tubes. This was a real find complete with GZ34 tube rectifier. That sits on top of of a Vox T-100 cabinet which is positioned directly behind him on stage.   Vox AC 50 

   Lead Guitar:

  Our George uses a Vox AC50 amp. This is the same amplifier The Beatles used for The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 and all their performances in The United States on their first tour. Quite simply, the most accurate sound to recreate The Beatles' performances.

Vox AD120

Rhythm Guitar:

For rhythm we use a Vox AC 30. In our opinion the AC 30 is the best sounding guitar amp ever manufactured. It's sound is un-equaled and the ultimate Beatle Amp.



Congratulations! You found the hidden tracks...

I Wanna Hold Your Hand-Left=John- Right=George

Paperback Writer-Left=Music-Right=Vocals

Saw Her Standing There-Left=George-Right=John

Eight Days A Week-Left=George Swells-Right=John